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July 23, 2019

Our Top 5 Chic DC Events All Foodies Should Know About

As hospitality and tourism increase, the term “experiential travel” has emerged. The term focuses on having real and authentic experiences while traveling to places we have never experienced. We see that this is evident through the steady rise in experiential travel opportunities from top travel brands who are hoping to meet the current demands of their consumers. This recent paradigm shift from travelers has moved brands to evolve their marketing strategies. More and more companies have moved away from traditional methods of selling products and services to create inclusive and authentic storytelling in order to convey a more relatable message.

Additionally, this uptick in widespread travel coupled with the evolution of social media has generated more curiosity in cultural immersion and consequently a desire to become closer to the people, traditions, and customs of the region they are visiting. For these travelers, there are three primary motivators: inspiration, personalization, and self-discovery. Research also suggests that travelers are fulfilling these needs in a myriad of ways including food. Tasting new food profiles is a constant experience that brings people together and makes them feel more immersed in the community among a host of other benefits that offer a new perspective of the world for travelers.

So if you want something a little extra than just a crowded food festival, check out this list. Here’s our top 5 Chic DC Events All Foodies Should Know About: 

2019 Around The World Cultural Food Festival

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Now, if you’re going to go to a crowded food festival with lines, you can’t deny the diversity and the styles you’ll see. This one is always talked about so if you want to go around the world, just make it a day trip. Free culture, art, food, and performances (with a ticketed VIP option).  Also, check out embassy events.


From what I can tell, it’s pretty much the AirBnB for chef experiences. Or the Wayside Stories of culinary experiences – you choose your own chef adventure. No matter where you are in the country, you can probably find a pop-up, cooking class, or dinner party. So if you’re traveling to DC and want to do something fun keep this site in your shortcuts.

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Destination X Tasting Series

A DC-based private chef networking and tasting event. The organization features novel, award-winning, and celebrity chefs. Some events are intimately held in beautifully renovated homes with private chefs and others are boutique pop-up events at various unique destinations and prestigious halls around the city. Though they are fairly new, the site is only taking a limited amount of private chef requests but sign up for their guest list to receive an invite to their next event and their private chef experiences.

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Diner en Blanc

Our Top 5 Chic DC Events All Foodies Should Know About Capital Vacation Rentals

Hands down, one of THE top chic events on the list. Though some may think it’s a little over-the-top, Dîner en Blanc is a worldwide event, spanning six continents. People gather in a public space and set up a temporary, chic dining area in random locations. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind if you’re lucky enough to receive access to it. First, dinner attire is an all-white event. Secondly, be prepared to provide your own food, tables, chairs, and tablecloths. Thirdly, wear comfortable shoes because the trek from your meeting location to your destination will spare no mercy on your Louboutins. But the adventure and its viral popularity make it a go-to experience, at least for the photo-opt.

Metro Cooking DC

Last but certainly not least, whether you’re an aspiring home cook or expert entertainer, the two-day culinary extravaganza provides a one-of-a-kind experience for all food and entertaining enthusiasts. This event brings in top celebrity chefs and food samples galore! They even have a beer, wine, and spirits garden. Their 2019 annual event features James Beard Award Winners and who else but Martha Stewart, even though I was vying for Snoop Dogg. Either way, if you have a chance to attend this annual event certainly will feature The Who’s Who of Metro DC kitchens.

Our Top 5 Chic DC Events All Foodies Should Know About Capital Vacation Rentals

What’s your favorite DC Chic Foodie Event? #CapitalTribe


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